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IPL + LIVE SCREENING + FRIENDS + YUM SNACKS + DJ WALA BABU + SHISHA = FRIENDS NOT TURNING INTO FOES. There is no denying the fact that there is a huge hype about watching the IPL match in Eden Garden itself. The slithering queue at the ticket counters and outside the stadium undoubtedly justifies that. However, the experience for us ‘aam aadmi’ might feel as if we are being grilled with some generous seasoning of vitamin D being sprinkled on us from above and the beads of perspiration dripping down our decked up countenance are proof of our loyalty to the home team. You see people doing the wave in the stadium and you automatically become a part of it too only silently wishing that the wave was a fresh gust of wind or water to cool your roasted self but not dim your spirits. While not everyone is lucky enough to get the VIP block’s seats in Eden Gardens, or the spectacular view of king khan and his knights up close, we thought of solutions where you can get the fan craze with equal level of enthusiasm and what more, you can view your favourite matches in the places of your choice with your friends while hookah, snacks, music and luxury are being served up to your face. If this is what you are looking for then search no further, we have found some uber-cool luxury spots in our city with a similar if not better atmosphere to suit your extravagant needs. The Drunken Monkey of Hotel O2 VIP in our city of joy is all geared up to celebrate the cricket fever that has hit the entire nation and enjoy this Live Screening with us.

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